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BVB International Academy Atlanta is the Southeastern United States branch of the renowned Borussia Dortmund youth development program. Committed to excellence in soccer education and player development, the academy offers a comprehensive training curriculum designed to cultivate talent, instill values, and inspire a lifelong love for the game.

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Champions Football FC proudly introduces BVB International Academy Atlanta as an exclusive United States partner of Borussia Dortmund’s renowned Academy. Embodying the esteemed Dortmund Way, we undertake the profound responsibility of cultivating, guiding, and inspiring our players and families towards excellence both on and off the field. Aligned with the principles of BVB International Academy America, we stand alongside 14 esteemed clubs across North America, collectively representing Borussia Dortmund’s Youth Academy Clubs. The merits and privileges of affiliation with BVB International Academy America are manifold, including: • The BVB Way: A holistic approach fostering excellence in every facet of the game and beyond. • Global Representation: Affiliation with a distinguished international brand, offering unparalleled exposure. • Uniformity: Authentic replica uniforms aligning players with the notable Borussia Dortmund brand. • Player Development: A steadfast commitment to nurturing talent through comprehensive, professional training regimes. • Exposure Opportunities: Platforms for players to showcase their skills across various levels of competition and reach the international level. • Coaching Excellence: Access to rigorous coaching education and accreditation programs. • Structured Programs: Comprehensive offerings encompassing on-field training, off-field development, and parent education initiatives. • College Athlete Placement (CAP) Program: Strategic pathways for players aiming for collegiate soccer careers and scholarships. • Authentic BVB Relationship: A genuine partnership ensuring real benefits and opportunities. • National Presence: A cohesive network spanning the entire nation. Key Club Highlights: 1. Player-Centric Approach: Our Youth Soccer Program prioritizes the individual development of each player, emphasizing technical proficiency, tactical understanding, and physical fitness tailored to their age and abilities. 2. Qualified Coaching Staff: Anchored by certified and seasoned coaches, our program is founded on expertise, dedication, and a supportive atmosphere conducive to optimal learning and growth. 3. Inclusivity and Accessibility: We embrace diversity and welcome participants of all backgrounds and skill levels, fostering an inclusive environment where every child can thrive. 4. Character Development: Beyond honing soccer skills, our program places a premium on instilling core values such as teamwork, discipline, and resilience, nurturing well-rounded individuals on and off the field. 5. Parent and Community Engagement: We actively involve parents and the community in the developmental journey, fostering collaboration, communication, and a shared commitment to player success. 6. Progress Monitoring and Feedback: Employing cutting-edge methodologies, we track player progress meticulously, offering regular assessments, personalized feedback, and tailored development plans to ensure continuous improvement. 7. Community Outreach: Our impact extends beyond the confines of organized training as we collaborate with schools, community centers, and local organizations to promote soccer participation and enrich the broader community fabric.


BVB International Academy Welcomes Atlanta to the Family

By Nancy Lane 04/17/2024, 1:00pm EDT